Who We Are

We are a team of people with simple goals in life. We want to give back to society in any way possible to make a difference..

Our Mission

Most direct and transparent way from your donation to a meaningful change in someone’s life, to satisfy your philanthropic needs.

Our Vision

Karma Junction, Inc. has been organized to meet individuals’ basic needs of food, education, medical, housing and sanitation

Our Work

We are funded primarily by private foundation, as well as contributions from individuals, local businesses, and other charitable organizations.

Total Lives Improved

What & How We Do

Think of us like a pool, a search engine, or a hub of objectives and projects. We live in a society where a lot of people need help and a little help often goes a long way. In that regard, we have a lot of objectives, and a lot of things we want to do. We know that you do too. Without having many restrictions, we want to have the liberty to pick the causes that Karma Junction can undertake for our supporters.

Families are referred to Karma Junction for assistance primarily by local social workers. Additionally, anyone aware of individuals / families in need can also refer them. Basic information such as name, address, contact information, nature of the need, basic household information, referral information, employment status, as well as identification is collected.

Our Successful Projects


Act Now

People are struggling right now for basic needs. Children require medical facility, healthy food, School uniforms to keep them warm, tuition fees, book and supplies. 


Karma Junction has done it all. All this with the help of some very passionate team members and donors. 100% of all donations are passed on to the recipient which is not common. I am very fortunate to be associated with such an organization.

Amitu Mehta

It’s hard to find an organization these days where 100% of the donation go to those in need. They find real people and families in need and truly make a positive impact on their lives. I would recommend this non for profit organization to anyone truly wanting to help those in need.

Re Qui From Florida

One of the best and most transparent organization’s I have ever come across. Team makes sure the help is reached to deserving. Thank you to Prashant for helping me and my family be a part of giving. Keep up the good work!

Udayan Shukla

Kudos to team of Karma Junction for awesome work they are doing! Every service or activity is done with highest standards. Highly recommend!

Shejal Gandhi

You can trust Karma Junction. Karma Junction is doing truly amazing work to help needy. I have seen, how they find people and .. places which is genuine for aid 100% of your donation used for good cause. Go for it!

Jagruti Amin

One of the best non-profit organizations I have come across. They help community in India with various projects based on needs of people.

Raju Kalinadhabhotla

Team Members

Prashant J Patel

Founder & CEO

Amish Jhaveri


Bijal Jhaveri



Shiwani Amit Joshi



Amit Joshi


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