Our Success Stories

Mehlej Girls School/ Waterwell

With the support of Khushu, Minaxi, Kamla, Tara Shah, Karma Junction was able to install a water well which extracted water from 200 feet under the ground. The well water is not only used for hydration and maintaining hygiene, but also enables students and teachers to utilize the restroom facilities and drink clean water during mid-day meals. . Donor : Prema Narayan .


With the support of Megha & Samir Gandhi, Karma Junction was able to build a Toliet block with proper disposal of drainage water and waste. . Donor : Megha & Samir Gandhi

Provided Sewing Machine

Cluster Resource Centre needed a Sewing Machine to teach sewing skills to the students. With the help of the supporters of KARMA JUNCTION we provided a Sewing Machine to the Cluster Resource Centre. Now all the students can learn sewing skills and they can live an independent life. . Donor : Arunaben Patel Beneficiary : Cluster Resource Centre

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on several successful projects, each one a testament to our teamwork and dedication. If you’re interested in seeing our achievements in action, be sure to visit our YouTube channel. There, you’ll find a showcase of our collective efforts, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence. From innovative solutions to impactful outcomes, our channel encapsulates the essence of our partnership and the results we’ve achieved together. Dive into our content and explore the depth of our accomplishments – we’re proud to share our journey with you.

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