Our Success Stories

123 kids/Wheat 2400 kilo

Karmajunction donor’s donated 5292 pounds of wheat to Lok Kalyan Seva Trust orphanage hostel. Pounds – Donor Name 500 – Lakshmi Balakrishnan 1000 – Dharam Patel 1500 – Chirag Patel (Moto Lalio) 500 – Alap Shah 1000 – Chetan Pandya 1292 – Pritesh Patel

Food ration for 14 families

Food ration provided to 14 daily wager’s families because they can’t feed their family due to COVID-19. Thank you Amit & Ami.


pasta delivered to help 250 people

500 pounds of pasta delivered to help 250 people.

We’ve had the pleasure of collaborating on several successful projects, each one a testament to our teamwork and dedication. If you’re interested in seeing our achievements in action, be sure to visit our YouTube channel. There, you’ll find a showcase of our collective efforts, demonstrating our expertise and commitment to excellence. From innovative solutions to impactful outcomes, our channel encapsulates the essence of our partnership and the results we’ve achieved together. Dive into our content and explore the depth of our accomplishments – we’re proud to share our journey with you.

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